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The Sword in the Store

This cardboard stand comes from the need to expose a new linear lamp model. Affordability and ease transport of the material (the stand is folded and assembled on site) to be distributed in the European store. The tough-shape ensures product stability and comes from...

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City of Paper

Collection of drawings made for the cover of a monthly review of the city of Ferrara. Published from 2010 to 2012.

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I am making new architectural spaces to illustrate new lighting products. This setting accompanies the study of acoustics for lighting design. They will attend a classroom and a library to represent all types of installation.

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L+B 2018

This is the proposal for L+B 2018 novalux pavilion. It remembers a bit of a smashed pumpkin, but inside light is the protagonist. The ceiling is fully illuminated while the walls will welcome the display of the products. It seems suitable for a space...

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A city is a process that expresses itself in its dynamism through the centuries. The plan of a city requires interpreters and transcribers, who can at any time betray the original conception, diminish its tension, hinder its development. It could be said that a...

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The two sides of the join

A T-shirt. To conclusively establish the superiority of high school sport’s students (against all the other subspecies of high school).“Orandum est ut sit mens sana in corpore sano.” (Giovenale, Satire, X, 356)

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